Prosecutors Move Forward With WI Murder Case

Prosecutors Move Forward With WI Murder Case

Prosecutors in Juneau County are moving ahead with charges against a man and a woman in a murder case there.

The D.A. yesterday filed formal charges against 47-year-old Donald Dalberg and 27-year-old Crystal Teumer. They’re accused of killing, then trying to burn a man last Thursday near the Oak Ridge Trail parking area. Investigators say Teumer confessed to the crime. She told police that Dalberg allegedly shot the victim in the head after he’d come to help her with a domestic violence complaint. They then dumped the man’s body in the snow, but came back to set it on fire. Dalberg is looking at homicide charges, while Teumer is being charged with being a party to a crime and mutilating a corpse.

She’s being held on 50 thousand-dollars bond, Dalberg is being held on a million-dollars bond.

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