Love is a Wild Ride, MKE Zoo Offers Messages

Love is a Wild Ride, MKE Zoo Offers Messages

Looking for a gift to remember?

Share a special “tail-ored” Valentine message with a wild touch for that special person in your life! Virtual Valentines are a unique way to send a customized video greeting to a friend or loved one – featuring their favorite Zoo animal! The Valentines are specially designed with an animal care staff person delivering a personalized message alongside an otter, red panda, or other animal. Choose from one of these animals to send your special message:

  • De Brazza’s Monkey – No monkeying around here – let that special someone know how you feel.
  • Elephant – Wish the special someone in your life an “ele-phantastic” day from our girls!
  • Flamingo – Let your loved one know why you’ll always flock to them!
  • Giraffe – Let our herd tell your loved one they’re head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Lion – We’re not “lion” when we say your special person would love a Valentine featuring these big
  • Otter – You “otter” send that special someone a Valentine featuring these adorable swimmers!
  • Penguin – Tell your loved one how much you adore chillin’ with them from our feathered friends.
  • Red Panda – Let them know you will be theirs “fur-ever” from Dash or Dr. Erin.
  • Sloth – Have our two-toed sloths tell your special someone you love them “slow” much.
  • Snow Leopard – Pounce on the chance to show your affection with the help of a snow leopard!


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