Voting Van Ruled Illegal, Gov. Evers Talks Maps

Voting Van Ruled Illegal, Gov. Evers Talks Maps

A judge says Racine’s mobile voting van from two years ago is illegal.

The judge on Monday said nothing in Wisconsin’s elections law allows for cities or counties to drive around and host in-person absentee voting events. Racine used the van in the 2022 elections, and defended the van by saying there’s nothing in state law that specifically bans them. The judge said that doesn’t matter, and said that state laws are clear as to how absentee voting can work in the state. The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, which sued over Racine’s van, yesterday said the ruling is a victory for the rule of law in the state.

While we are talking about the political stage, Governor Evers says it’s ‘unlikely’ that he signs-off on the new political maps that Republican lawmakers are drawing.

The legislature is attempting to draw new maps after the Wisconsin Supreme Court tossed the old maps just before Christmas. The governor on Monday said he doesn’t see the legislature crafting an acceptable map without the Supreme Court’s influence. The new liberal-majority court declared the maps used two years ago to be too gerrymandered in favor of Republicans. Governor Evers says he expects the new maps to be more ‘purple.’

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