Deputy Recognized for Life Saving Response

Deputy Recognized for Life Saving Response

On Tuesday, January 2, 2024, a deputy with the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office responded to an EMS call in the Township of Drammen, Eau Claire County. The information dispatched by the Eau Claire Emergency Communications Center was that a large oak tree had fallen on top of a subject who was also the 911 caller who was also alone. The subject was trapped underneath the tree and complained of back and leg pain.

The deputy arrived on scene and located the trapped male. The deputy began to use the victim’s chainsaw to cut away at the large tree. The patient continued to complain of pain, numbness, and believed they were going to lose consciousness. Eventually, a first responder from Township Fire Department arrived on scene and assisted the deputy in freeing the patient from underneath the tree. Paramedics from Eau Claire Fire Department later arrived on scene and assessed the patient who was
released on scene.

The deputy is identified as Steven Schlewitz. We commend Deputy Schlewitz for his response and
quick action during this incident which yielded a positive outcome given the potential life-threatening

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