New Questions In Chippewa Co.

New Questions In Chippewa Co.

There are new questions about the integrity of the sheriff in Chippewa County.

The District Attorney in Chippewa Falls says he has questions about Sheriff Travis Hakes after the sheriff made a list of questionable officers a few years back. Hakes was added to a so-called Brady List while he was a police officer in Chetek. A Brady List is a list of officers who have issues with lying or stretching the truth, and may not be reliable in court. Chippewa County DA Wade Newell said being on the list could cause problems for any new case in Chippewa County that the sheriff is directly involved in.

The questions about the sheriff’s credibility come after an inter-county investigation into how he worked with a female 911 dispatcher, and whether his other job has interfered with his duties as sheriff. CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS FULL REPORT BY OUR PARTNERS AT WEAU 13 NEWS.

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