Lake Hallie Woman Facing Attempted Homicide Charges

Lake Hallie Woman Facing Attempted Homicide Charges

A Lake Hallie woman is looking at attempted homicide charges after police say they found her boyfriend covered in blood in her shower. Below is information from Lake Hallie authorities regarding the incident they responded to:

On December 24, 2023, at approximately 12:00pm hours, Village of Lake Hallie Police Officers responded to the 4300 block of 131st Street for a report of a female with a baseball bat. Upon arrival, officers knocked and announced their presence and heard screaming from inside the residence and entry was made. Inside the residence, screaming could be heard from the bathroom of the residence. Officers forced the door open, and Laura Feala (55 years old of Lake Hallie) came out. Feala was screaming, swearing, and pacing, then attempted to re-enter the bathroom.

Officers gave commands to Feala to get on the ground, but she refused. Feala continued to refuse to comply with officers’ commands. One of the officers pulled their taser and eventually Feala was escorted to the ground, onto her stomach and was eventually handcuffed. One of the officers made entry into the bathroom where she observed a male victim (56 years old of Lake Hallie), standing in the bathtub, naked, covered head to toe in blood with the water running. The male victim advised officers that he was stabbed in the left eye and struck with a baseball bat and unsure how many times he was stabbed by Feala.

Officers located approximately 15 stab wounds to the victim’s body, but it was difficult to see the width and depth of the wounds due to the amount of blood. Chippewa Fire District personnel responded quickly to the scene to attend to the victim. Officers located the knife laying in the tub and the baseball bat wrapped up in the shower curtain. The victim was transported to Mayo Clinic hospital for treatment. Currently, the victim is in stable but critical condition.

As a result, Feala was arrested for one count of Attempted 1st Degree Intentional Homicide and two counts of Aggravated Assault with a weapon. Feala was transported to Chippewa County for processing.

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