Get Ready to Crack the Code

Get Ready to Crack the Code

If you’re like Nate the Great, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, or the kids of Scooby Doo – you’ll love the next set of adventures that Eau Claire Parks, Recreation, and Forestry has for you! There’s a mystery to solve in Carson Park, and ECPRF and Culver’s invite you to get outside and embrace winter in Carson Park. We’ve put together a fun Scavenger Hunt that will require participants to CRACK THE CODE and solve 17 clues that will lead them to various amenities within the park.

The Reindeer Round-Up was a huge success and had people wanting more, so our staff decided to concoct another fun adventure that gets people outside and in Carson Park. The park has a lot of fun features to explore along with historical markers, amenities, and interesting opportunities to engage in within the park. Participants will decipher riddles throughout the park which will lead to the next location. So, Super Sleuths. Are you ready to help Culver’s mascot Scoopie CRACK THE CODE?

Participants are asked to register their families for free WITH A CLICK HERE.

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