Foxconn Hits Goals, Tax Credits Served

Foxconn Hits Goals, Tax Credits Served

Foxconn is once again getting paid by the state of Wisconsin for hitting its jobs goals. 

Governor Evers’ administration yesterday said Foxconn qualified for six-million dollars in tax credits for having just over a thousand workers at its Mount Pleasant facility.  The six-million is two-million less than Foxconn got last year, but brings the total payment from the Evers Administration to over 43-million dollars. 

Foxconn was originally in line for nearly three-billion dollars in tax credits under the deal it signed with former Governor Scott Walker.  But Foxconn was never paid under that deal because it never hired enough people.  Governor Evers rewrote the Foxconn deal in 2021, and has paid Foxconn each year since.

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