Eau Claire County to Conduct Major Response Exercise

Eau Claire County to Conduct Major Response Exercise

On Wednesday, December 6, Eau Claire County, and multiple local and regional organizations will participate in a day-long exercise testing the county’s response to a long-term power outage in the winter. This scenario will test the ability of local responders, public works, utilities, and county staff to work together in a complex and stressful incident.

Every year, Eau Claire County experiences weather events that result in sporadic power outages of 24-36 hours. This exercise scenario will help participating agencies identify potential issues that may happen when a power outage is going on for several days, while a typical winter extreme temperature event occurs. The start of this incident will be an ice storm that impacts most of the Chippewa Valley.

Participating agencies for this scenario include the City of Altoona, City of Eau Claire Community Services, elected officials from several townships, multiple departments within Eau Claire County, electric utility
providers, American Red Cross, Northern Wisconsin Incident Management Team, Civil Air Patrol, Eau Claire Amateur Radio Club, Marshfield Medical Center-Eau Claire, HSHS Sacred Heart, National Weather Service-Twin Cities, and Township Fire Department. YOU CAN CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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