Murder Suspects Returns to WI

Murder Suspects Returns to WI

UPDATE 11.302023: On Thursday November 30th 2023, Jose E Dominguez-Garcia was brought from Missouri to Jail in Chippewa County, Wisconsin where he is detained on First-Degree Intentional Homicide charges from an incident reported in 2020. This is all the information to be released at this time.


A Reedsburg man accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend in 2020, is now being held in a Missouri jail.

Jose Dominguez-Garcia was charged in the death of Rosaly Chavarria Rodriguez in December 20-21, but by that time nobody reported knowing where he was. Police in Gladstone, Missouri, near Kansas City, say they arrested Dominguez-Garcia early Thanksgiving morning after they found his car had stolen tags. Once they identified him by his fingerprints, they found the nearly year-old homicide arrest warrant.

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