UW-Platteville Announces Layoffs

UW-Platteville Announces Layoffs

UW-Platteville is the latest campus to announce layoffs. The school’s chancellor yesterday said 111 people are being let go.

That’s about 12-percent of the university’s workforce. Plateville says 60 people will be laid off or not have their contracts renewed,  32 people are taking early retirements, and 31 open positions will be cut. Platteville is facing a multi-million-dollar deficit, and the school says the layoffs will save about nine-million dollars. The layoffs at UW-Platteville come after layoffs at the campuses in Oshkosh, Green Bay, Parkside, and the closure of the UW-Richland campus all together. Other UW schools will likely face similar cuts in the coming months.

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