Damage to Property Leads to Arrest, Multiple Charges

Damage to Property Leads to Arrest, Multiple Charges

On October 25, 2023, at approximately 4:53p.m., Lake Hallie Police Officers were dispatched to the 4200 block of 119th Avenue in the Village of Lake Hallie for a male subject that had been drinking and causing damage to vehicles. An officer observed a male subject fitting the description walking on the 40th Avenue bridge over Highway 53 and contacted the subject, identified as Michael Ludwigson (37 years old of Cameron).

After speaking with the Ludwigson, the officer learned he was intoxicated, and under the influence of illegal narcotics. Ludwigson provided the officer with suspected marijuana and suspected smoking device from his lunchbox but continued to hold a bottle of whiskey in his hands and refused to give it to the officer. As officers attempted to arrest Ludwigson for Criminal Damage to Property, as it was learned that Ludwigson had allegedly caused approximately $9500 to a vehicle, he refused commands to comply and was eventually escorted to the ground. Ludwigson continued to fight with officers and refused commands to stop resisting. Ludwigson used derogatory names towards officers and continued to swear at officers. During the arrest, Ludwigson spit, clawed, kicked at officers, bit an officer in the leg and was subsequently Tased as he continued to resist arrest and was eventually handcuffed. Once EMS arrived on scene, Ludwigson continued to resist and spit on EMS personnel and was given medication to help calm him down. Ludwigson was transported to the hospital for observation. During the incident, officers received minor injuries.

After medical clearance, Ludwigson was transported to the Chippewa County Jail. Ludwigson was charged with Felony Criminal Damage, Resisting arrest, two counts of Battery to a Public Officer, two counts of Discharge of bodily fluids-Public Safety Officer, two counts of misdemeanor criminal damage, possession of THC and possession drug paraphernalia.

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