Triskaidekaphopia? Or Just Another Day…

Triskaidekaphopia? Or Just Another Day…

Today is Friday the 13th. 

If you find yourself feeling a little extra anxiety today, you may suffer from triskaidekaphobia– a fear of things having to do with the number 13.  Research shows that millions suffer from this phobia and because of it, many will even stay home from work.  Experts say people are actually safer on Friday the 13th because they’re more cautious. 

If you suffer from a fear of 13, try to gain more control of your life.  She says when we look to other things in our lives to tell us where we should be, that can lead to anxiety and trigger a phobia.   No one is exactly sure where the legend of Friday the 13th being unlucky began, though researchers feel the superstition is very old. 

Folklore experts say it’s the combination of “Friday” and “13,” as both the day and the number have historically been connected to bad luck.

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