Search Ends: EC Man Located in New Mexico

Search Ends: EC Man Located in New Mexico

UPDATE 10.03.2023: Shane M. Helmbrecht was located safe by the Pojoaque Tribal Police Department near Santa Fe, NM and released at the direction of Eau Claire County, WI authorities.


There is a search for an Eau Claire man who police say walked away from a halfway house in Tomah.

Shane Helmbrecht was arrested back in 2016 for the murder of his neighbor in Eau claire, but he was found incompetent and unable to go to trial. He was ordered to stay at a mental health facility, but was staying at a halfway house in Tomah until last week when authorities say he simply walked away. Tomah Police believe Helmbrecht took his parents’ car and fled. There is a statewide alert out for him. Vehicle information is below:


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