Monday Funday: Labor Day 101

Monday Funday: Labor Day 101

Hello and Happy Labor Day!

We hope you are enjoying a bonus day off and a chance to relax on this Monday.

So, exactly why do we have this scheduled day off? Some call it the “unofficial end of Summer” but it traces back to the late 1800’s.

Labor Day was first celebrated in the United States in New York City on September 5, 1882 to push for fair and safe working conditions.

The first Labor Day included parades, picnics, and peaceful demonstrations and involved all types of workers, from bricklayers to seamstresses and construction crews to butchers. Many of the first years saw informal gatherings until 1894 when Labor Day became a Federal Holiday.

When it come to this Labor Day, it’s a hot one for many folks, us included.

Overall 200-million-people in the U.S. are feeling some brutal heat. Forecasters say there will be a heat wave in parts of the Northern Central Plains and Upper Midwest that will last through the Labor Day Weekend. Areas of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Illinois could see their all-time hottest September records.

And what about those jobs and the labor market?

The monthly employment report shows the U.S. added 187-thousand jobs in August. That’s higher than 170-thousand most analysts had expected and shows the labor market remains strong. The Labor Bureau says employment continues to trend up in health care, hospitality, construction and social assistance.

So, whatever plans you have for this Labor Day 2023, here’s hoping you are able to work on some rest and relaxation before we head back to the work life, tomorrow. And if you are working today, we see you and celebrate all that you do!

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