Temps Go Up, Gas Prices Go Down (a bit)

Temps Go Up, Gas Prices Go Down (a bit)

This Labor Day weekend is going to be a scorcher across Southern Wisconsin. The National Weather Service is forecasting highs in the 90s and getting hotter every day through the holiday weekend. Forecasters expect a high of 90 today, 94 Sunday, and 96 on Labor Day.

You may have noticed while the weather is heating up as the Labor Day weekend begins, our gas prices are easing off. Triple-A reports the statewide average price for regular was down a penny on Friday, to three-58 a gallon. Prices are even lower in and around Madison. The average price for regular is three-50 a gallon in Dane County, three-51 in Sauk County, and three-52 a gallon in Columbia County.

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