Page Turns on WI Reading Law

Page Turns on WI Reading Law

 Wisconsin’s governor has signed the new law that will change how kids in the state are taught how to read. The governor yesterday signed the plan that will return Wisconsin schools to teaching phonics, and place a huge emphasis on making sure kids can read at grade level before the fourth grade. The law doesn’t include the original provision that would have held kids back until they hit that fourth grade reading level, instead kids will now need to take summer reading classes and pass a new test.

The governor says the new law is modeled after reading changes that have worked in other states. Republican state Rep. Joel Kitchens, who wrote the new law, said the reading overhaul may be the most important thing that lawmakers did all year.

When it comes to reaction, we will show you different sides so you can decide.

Wisconsin’s largest teachers union isn’t happy with the state’s new reading law.  The Wisconsin Education Association Council yesterday criticized the new law which will change how kids in Wisconsin are taught to read.  WEAC’s Peggy Wirtz-Olsen says the law came from ‘backroom deals’ with politicians, and not from working with teachers across the state. 

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