Lawmakers Look for Pollinator Protections

Lawmakers Look for Pollinator Protections
Like the cuckoo bird, these parasitic bees lay their eggs into the nests of other species. They have the unusual behavior of resting by hanging on a plant using only their mandibles. Comme le coucou, ces abeilles parasites pondent leurs oeufs dans les nids d'autres espèces. Elles se reposent en s'accrochant à une plante avec leurs seules mandibules. Order Hymenoptera -- Family Apidae -- Subfamily Nomadinae Bas-Saint-Laurent -- Province de Québec -- Canada 3003-2007 Canon PowerShot A620 Prise en juin 2007 -- Taken in June 2007

Wisconsin lawmakers are looking to take their pollinator protections beyond No Mow May. 

A handful of Democrats yesterday introduced what they are calling the Pollinator Protection Package.  State Senator Melissa Agard said the idea is to make sure the state isn’t harming bees and butterflies, and other pollinators.  The package would create rules for state agencies on the use of certain insecticides.  As well as rules for certain native prairie and forage plants, allow local governments to limit or prohibit the use of certain insecticides. 

Agard says protecting Wisconsin’s pollinators is key to ‘developing a positive coexistence between ecosystems.’

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