Votes Split on Shared Revenue

Votes Split on Shared Revenue

The Republican-backed plan to share more state money with local governments in Wisconsin needed Democratic help to get through the Wisconsin Senate last night.

Lawmakers, in both the Senate and Assembly, approved the shared revenue package last night with several lawmakers flipping their vote. Seven Senate Republicans voted against the plan, while six Senate Democrats voted ‘Yes.’ The hold-out Republicans didn’t like the lack of a referendum vote for Milwaukee’s sales tax increases. The Assembly vote saw four Republicans vote against the package, and 12 Democrats vote for it. Along with sharing 500 million-dollars with local governments across the state, the deal will allow Milwaukee and Milwaukee County to raise taxes, but requires the city to spend that money on its pensions or police and fire departments.

Locally, one of the Chippewa Valley’s Democratic lawmakers voted with Republicans yesterday to pass the share revenue package. Senator Jeff Smith joined five other Democrats in voting Yes on the plan that will share a half-billion dollars with local governments across the state. Seven Senate Republicans, including Rob Stafsholt, of New Richmond voted No.

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