New Fox in Town!

New Fox in Town!

Wildwood Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of “Willow,” a female red fox. She is a year-old marble morph fox with a beautiful white coat and unique black markings. She was initially kept as a pet and transferred to Wildwood Zoo when her living situation needed to be adjusted. She was not a candidate for being released as she was too habituated and reliant on humans, and she could not survive on her own. Willow remained off exhibit for the past month to acclimate to her new caretakers and clear her quarantine period.

She has proven to be an inquisitive, playful, and easygoing individual. She is a bit shy, but she is adjusting well to her new exhibit. Willow’s situation coincided with the passing of Blizzard, the senior arctic fox, and she is fortunate to call Wildwood Zoo her forever home.

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