Candidates Cross Paths, Early Voting Underway

Candidates Cross Paths, Early Voting Underway

The candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court, as expected, disagreed entirely during their only debate yesterday.

Liberal Judge Janet Protasiewicz and Dan Kelly met on the stage for their only time this campaign. Protasiewicz tried to paint Kelly as extreme on abortion, while Kelly hammered at Protasiewicz for light sentences for criminals and her politicization of the race for the high court. The race is being closely watched across the country, and is the most expensive ever. Reports have the price tag somewhere between 20 and 30 million-dollars so far. Voters will choose between the two on April 4th.

When it comes to the vote, the first day of early voting saw 263 ballots cast in Eau Claire. 

The city clerk opened absentee voting yesterday, even allowing people to drive up and vote.  The clerk’s office says the 263 ballots is nearly double what they saw from early voting back in 2021.  Early voting in Eau Claire is open until next Friday.

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