Brewers Debate Rounds Bases

Brewers Debate Rounds Bases

The top Republican in the Wisconsin Assembly says the governor’s plan to help with American Family Field is dead.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told reporters yesterday that he doesn’t see a path forward for the governor’s proposal to spend nearly 300 million-dollars in state money on repairs at American Family Field. Vos said the governor wants to use one-time money for a deal that would keep the Brewers in Milwaukee for just an extra 13 years. Vos says he hopes lawmakers will come-up with a different plan to pay for the ballpark and keep the team in Milwaukee long term.

We’ll show you different sides so you can decide.

Some business leaders, and conservatives have formed a new coalition to support a Brewer’s ballpark deal.

The Home Crew Coalition launched yesterday morning. Omar Shaikh, the co-owner of Carnivore Steakhouse and the Third Street Market Hall in Milwaukee, is serving as the coalition’s chair. He says maintaining American Family Field, and keeping the Brewers in town is a must. Shaikh and the Home Crew Coalition are not taking sides in the debate at the Capitol over how to, and much to, pay for the work the Brewers say is needed at the stadium.

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