RSV Cases Climb, Flu Cases Tick Up

RSV Cases Climb, Flu Cases Tick Up

Doctors are telling parents that they don’t need to rush-out and get their kids tested for RSV. 

UW Health’s Dr. Gregory DeMuri says most kids can get over a case of RSV at home, with just over the counter medication.  He says doctors weren’t testing kids for RSV before the coronavirus, and doesn’t think most kids need to be tested now.  Doctors and public health officials say they are seeing a spike in RSV cases this year.  Usually the peak comes after the holidays.

Locally, Eau Claire County is seeing a spike in RSV cases. The city/county health department says they’ve noticed an uptick in RSV and cases of the flu. Both usually peak later in the winter. The health department says 13 people have been hospitalized with the flu so far this season.

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