WI D.A.’s Ask Judge to Toss Abortion Lawsuit

WI D.A.’s Ask Judge to Toss Abortion Lawsuit

The D.A.s in Milwaukee, Madison, and Sheboygan want a judge to dismiss Attorney General Josh Kaul’s lawsuit against Wisconsin’s abortion law.

The three prosecutors yesterday asked a judge to toss the case, saying Kaul doesn’t belong in the case. Sheboygan County D.A. Joel Urmanski said in his argument that Kaul should be asking lawmakers to change the 1849 law, not the court. The other two D.A.s say Kaul has not been ‘injured’ by the old law. Kaul filed his lawsuit not long after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, and allowed Wisconsin’s near total abortion ban to go back into effect.

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