WI Licenses Plates Replacement Planned

WI Licenses Plates Replacement Planned

Wisconsin is getting ready to replace three million license plates over the next ten years. 

A new state law signed last year opens the door to replacing the old and peeling plates that are still on some cars.  The new law will have the state charge people eight-dollars to replace their old plates.  The charge will appear on your plate renewal form if your plate is over a decade old.  DMV administrator Kristina Boardman says many drivers have plates that are so old they can barely be read, she says that doesn’t reflect well on the state.

On that note, Green Bay is the latest Wisconsin city to add license plate readers to its inventory. 

The city’s common council this week approved over 300 thousand-dollars to buy 40 new license plate readers for the police department.  The idea is to use the plate readers to lower the spike in crime in Green Bay.  License plate readers grab pictures of license plates, as well as the make, model, and color of any car or truck they capture. 

The city is not saying where it will install the plate readers.

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