Water Rescue On Mississippi

Water Rescue On Mississippi

On Saturday, May 21, 2022 shortly after 11PM a Barge, operate by the Canal Barge Company was traveling southbound on Pool 4 of the Mississippi River.

As the Barge was approaching Lock and Dam 4, the Tow Boat lost control, the Tow Boat continued downstream and impacted a portion of Lock and Dam 4. All members of the Tow Boat were able to evacuate the boat to safety with no members injured. No cargo or fuel was reported to have spilled into the river. No personnel from Lock and Dam 4 were injured either.

Efforts to secure the boat and barges were made. The Tow Boat company is working on recovery methods to recover the Tow Boat. The matter is being investigated by the United States Coast Guard. The Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office, Buffalo County Emergency Management and members of the United States Army Corp of Engineers also responded. 

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