WI Politics At Play?

WI Politics At Play?

“Too little, too late” and an “election-year band-aid.” 

That’s what the Republicans running for governor in Wisconsin are calling Governor Tony Evers’ plan to spend 50-million-dollars in stimulus money on “safer communities.”  The governor announced the plan yesterday, he says about 19-million-dollars of the money will go to police departments across the state.

We’ll show you different sides so you can decide.

Governor Tony Evers says it’s about prevention. He announced he is investing 50 million dollars of federal stimulus funding to improve crime prevention programs and clear the backlog of criminal cases in Milwaukee. Evers says some of those funds will go towards mental health support.

Milwaukee in particular has seen a spike in violent crime and Evers says that reducing violence is a public health issue in much the same manner as fighting COVID-19.

Across the aisle, Republican Rebecca Kleefisch says the governor has ignored crime and public safety for the past three years. Republican Kevin Nicholson said Governor Evers has undercut law enforcement in the state, but now wants to act as if he supports the police.

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