Local, State COVID-19 Cases Continue Fall

Local, State COVID-19 Cases Continue Fall

Eau Claire County’s public health boss says there could still be a few surprises from the coronavirus, but she says the community is in a much better place.

City-County Health director Lieske Giese yesterday said Eau Claire’s coronavirus numbers are down significantly. She says folks should “celebrate” that. Giese did warn that there would be new variants that pop-up, and said they will keep an eye on that over the next year or so. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS.

On the state level, Wisconsin’s coronavirus hospitalizations continue to fall.

The state’s Hospital Association yesterday said just 345 people are in the hospital with the virus across the state. That’s nearly 150 fewer people than last week. Wisconsin’s hospitalization numbers are back to where they were last August before the omicron variant struck. CLICK FOR MORE FROM WI DHS.

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