Gas Prices Jump, Gov. Looks to Halt Gas Tax

Gas Prices Jump, Gov. Looks to Halt Gas Tax

You’re paying more for gas than just a few days ago. You are probably well aware of the rising prices at the pump.

Triple-A says the average price for a gallon of regular in Eau Claire is three-86. That’s two cents higher than yesterday. Wisconsin’s statewide average is three dollars and 94 cents. Triple-A says drivers in Eau Claire were paying two-72 one year ago.

On the national level, Governor Evers wants to pause the federal gas tax to try and give drivers a bit of a break.

The governor yesterday joined with Democratic governors in five other states to ask the Biden Administration to halt the nearly 18 cent federal gas tax. Governor Evers doesn’t want drivers to have to pay the tax for the rest of the year. Gas prices in Wisconsin are up by over 70 cents in the past month alone.

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