$2 Million Cash Bail Set in Grisly Murder

$2 Million Cash Bail Set in Grisly Murder

Investigators say what started out as a day of smoking meth led to a night of sex, that eventually ended with a woman chopping a man’s body into pieces. 

Prosecutors in Green Bay yesterday filed homicide and sex charges against 24-year-old Taylor Schabusiness.  They say she strangled a man last week while they were having sex.  After he was dead, prosecutors say she eventually decided to cut his body into pieces.  Police found the man’s head in a bucket, his torso in a plastic tote, and his legs inside a box in her minivan. 

Schabusiness told police she “went crazy” and didn’t intend to kill the man, but “enjoyed” strangling him.  She’s being held on two-million-dollars cash bail.

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