WI On the World Stage

WI On the World Stage

Wisconsin native Deedra Irwin did not reach the podium in the women’s 12-and-a-half kilometer mass start biathlon. 

Irwin crossed the finish line in 43:42.1 to earn 23rd place in the event.  France finished in first to win the gold, followed by a pair of Norwegians that picked up the silver and bronze.

On the ice, both Americans that competed in the men’s 1000 meter speed skating final were left off the podium after each athlete finished outside of the top 10. 

Jordan Stolz of Wisconsin and Austin Kleba of Illinois finished in 14th and 29th out of 30 skaters.  Stolz finished with a time of 1:09.12 and Kleba finished in 1:10.57. 

Thomas Krol of the Netherlands finished in first to win the gold.  The silver medal was won by Canada and the bronze was won by Norway.

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