Former MN Officer Sentenced

Former MN Officer Sentenced

Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter will spend 16 months in prison and eight months on supervised release for killing an unarmed Black man during a traffic stop. 

Potter always maintained she shot Daunte Wright by accident when he resisted arrest, mistaking her service weapon for her Taser.  Prosecutors wanted at least seven years.  Potter was convicted of first- and second-degree manslaughter in a trial in December.

Additional audio explains the terms of the sentence.

Kim Potter was sentenced to two years in custody for the death of Daunte Wright.

Potter spoke at the sentencing saying she hopes one day the family of Daunte Wright is able forgive her for what happened.

Potter apologized to the city of Brooklyn Center and said she loved serving the community as an officer.  A video showed Potter yelling “Taser” several times before shooting the 20-year-old in the chest.  She was convicted of manslaughter late last year.

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