On This Day…

On This Day…


Welcome to the first weekend in February.

We know the week can sometimes feel long and stressful, which is why we make a point to start your Saturday on a lighter note, with a morning “scroll down memory lane.”

It’s a moment to take a simple look back at some events that are in the pages of history before we head out into a new day.

So, grab your favorite sippin’ drink and let’s scroll!

Today is Saturday, February 5th, the 36th day of the year.  There are 329 days until the end of the year.

On This Day:

In 1850, Frank Baldwin patented the first adding machine.  It was 20 inches high and weighed ten pounds.

In 1953, Walt Disney’s full length animated feature “Peter Pan” debuted.

In 1971, the Apollo 14 astronauts, Alan Shepard Jr. and Edgar Mitchell, landed on the moon.

In 1993, Oscar-winning writer-director Joseph Mankiewicz died at the age of 83.

In 1997, investment bank Morgan Stanley announced a ten-billion-dollar merger with Dean Witter.

In 1999, boxer Mike Tyson was sentenced to a year in jail for assaulting two people after a car accident on August 31st 1998.

In 2002, a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, indicted the man dubbed the “American Taliban” on ten charges.  John Walker Lindh was accused of conspiring to kill Americans with Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network.  

In 2009, USA Swimming suspended Olympic superstar Michael Phelps from competition for three months following Phelps’ admission to engaging in what he called “regrettable” behavior at a college party.  Photos of the 23-year-old Olympian inhaling from a marijuana water pipe was splashed all over the media.

In 2016, Twitter announced that it shut down more than 125-thousand accounts since the middle of 2015 for promoting terrorist acts.

In 2016, the sixth man to walk on the moon died at the age of 85. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell passed away in Florida after a brief illness.  He was a module pilot in 1971 on the Apollo 14 mission.  He is one of only 12 men to have ever set foot on the moon.

In 2017, History was made when the New England Patriots became champions for a fifth time after completing the biggest Super Bowl comeback ever in Houston.

In 2018, Actor John Mahoney died at the age of 77.  He was best known as Martin Crane, the tough-talking father of Frasier Crane in the sitcom “Frasier.”

In 2019, Pope Francis admits that clerics have sexually abused nuns.

In 2020, the Senate voted to acquit then President Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

And that lands us here on this 2.5.2022. So, whatever events you have planned for your day, here’s hoping there are moments along the way to record in your own personal pages of history.

Thanks for stopping by!

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