Lawmakers Try New Round Of Election Law Changes

Lawmakers Try New Round Of Election Law Changes

Republicans at the Wisconsin Capitol are trying again with a new round of election law changes.

State Senator Kathy Bernier yesterday introduced a series of plans that build off the audit from the state’s audit bureau and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.  Among the changes would be new limits on who is considered indefinitely confined, a new requirement for social security numbers on absentee ballots, and a ban on the so-called Zuckerbucks partnerships. Bernier says the plans all address loopholes from the 2020 election.

It’s unlikely they will be signed into law. Governor Evers has promised not to sign anything that he says will make it tougher to vote in Wisconsin.


  • One correction to this report. Social Security numbers will not be required on any absentee ballots. If you apply for “indefinitely confined” status and do not have a valid ID to submit, then you may use the last four digits of your SS# to prove who you are instead.


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