Waukesha Unites in Blue

Waukesha Unites in Blue

We now know that seven kids remain in the hospital following Waukesha’s parade tragedy, and none of them are in critical condition.

Doctors at Children’s Hospital delivered that news yesterday. Two kids were released over the weekend, one on Saturday and the other yesterday. At one point 16 kids were in the hospital.

Things in Waukesha came to a halt yesterday afternoon, and parts of the city turned blue to remember those hurt or killed in last week’s parade tragedy.

Families and businesses took a pause at 4:39 in the afternoon. They stayed silent for 62 seconds, to remember the victims of the Christmas Parade tragedy.

Mayor Shawn Reilly said Waukesha is still hurting and will continue to hurt for a while. Reilly is asking people in Waukesha and across Wisconsin to light a blue light to show solidarity with Waukesha as a community.

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