Death Toll Climbs, List of Charges Grows in Waukesha

Death Toll Climbs, List of Charges Grows in Waukesha

The death toll from Sunday’s massacre at the Waukesha Christmas Parade is now up to six.

Eight-year-old Jackson Sparks died yesterday. He was hit during the parade. Sparks’ family says his 12-year-old brother Tucker was also hurt, he suffered a fractured skull. The eight-year-old is the youngest of the now six victims of the parade massacre. There is a verified GoFundMe page raising money to offset his medical bills.

The list of charges against Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks is long and will likely grow.

Prosecutors filed formal charges yesterday. They plan to add another count of homicide for Jackson Sparks’ death by Friday. Brooks appeared in court in-person yesterday, he was wearing a suicide prevention vest and was seen weeping. The judge in the case says the nature of Brooks’ charges are “shocking.” He’s facing life in prison for each death. He’s being held on five million-dollars bond, and is due back in court in January.

Meanwhile, a familiar name to our state, NFL star J.J. Watt, is covering funeral expenses for the six people killed in the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy. 

A tweet Tuesday morning reported the Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman will pay the funeral costs for the people who were run down in the parade in his hometown Sunday.  Watt is no stranger to philanthropy.  He raised 37-million dollars for hurricane relief after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston in 2017, when Watt played for the Houston Texans. 

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