Officers Save Toddler, Family Reunited

Officers Save Toddler, Family Reunited

Local officers stepped in and turned a potential tragedy into a story to celebrate.

Maybe you saw the post on Facebook, as it was during the evening hours of September 1, 2021, Eau Claire Police Officers Jake Roberts, Benjamin Knopp, Rogelio Gonzales, and Sergeant Mike Major responded to the Ferry Street Boat Landing for a report of a missing two-year-old boy who may be in the river.

On arrival, officers were directed along the river bank approximately 100 yards south of the boat landing. They came upon a woman performing CPR on a lifeless two-year-old boy. Acting quickly, Officers Knopp and Roberts took over life-saving efforts and began CPR on the boy.

After a period of time, their efforts resulted in the child aspirating as signs of life returned. Sergeant Major then carried the child up the river bank where he was turned over to ECFD personnel and transported to a local hospital. While life-saving efforts were underway, Officer Gonzales focused his attention on the child’s mother. He offered comfort and support during this potentially tragic time.

A crisis such as this requires a commitment to teamwork. This team of ECPD officers performed exemplary actions and as a result, saved the life of a two-year-old boy. A positive outcome would have been far less likely had these officers not been there to assist. We commend them for their actions and thank them for all that they do. The officers recently were reunited with the two-year-old, Elijah, and his family. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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