Refugees Continue to Arrive at Fort McCoy

Refugees Continue to Arrive at Fort McCoy

More Afghan refugees are coming to Wisconsin than first thought.

The Pentagon yesterday said troops are expanding the facilities at Fort McCoy to accommodate 13 thousand refugees. Governor Tony Evers originally said Wisconsin would get anywhere between ‘a few hundred’ and maybe ‘two thousand’ refugees. No one is saying how many Afghans have already arrived at the fort, or when the next round of refugees will arrive. The governor has also been silent about where the refugees will go when they are allowed to leave Fort McCoy.

In the meantime, the state of Wisconsin is helping with the charity drive for Afghan refugees.

Governor Evers this week said the state is helping collect donations for the refugees who are coming into Fort McCoy. Wisconsin’s emergency management agency and the state’s Department of Children and Families are working with Catholic Charities and Team Rubicon to raise money and buy new clothes for the refugees expected at the fort. You can find out what’s needed, as well as how you can help online WITH A CLICK HERE.

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