Different Districts, Different Decisions

Different Districts, Different Decisions

There are different decisions from different districts regarding protocols and a return to the classroom.

Eau Claire Area School District is now requiring that all students wear face coverings inside school buildings starting September 1st. 

Previously, the mask mandate was in place for pre-K through 8th grade, but as of Wednesday night’s board meeting, the district has added high school to the requirement.  The mandate goes for all students, even those who are eligible and have already received the COVID-19 vaccination.  The school district has posted more information to their website.         

But that was not the case in Dunn Co.

The Menomonie area school district is sticking with a “masks optional” approach as the school year kicks off.  This was the decision of the school board after a nearly three-hour debate Wednesday night.  Meanwhile, the district has voted in favor of a new contact tracing measure. 

Now, the district will require contact tracing be done after any potential COVID-19 exposure during regular school hours or any school-sponsored activities.

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