What’s Next?

What’s Next?

President Biden says the crisis in Afghanistan unfolded more quickly than anticipated due to the collapse of Afghan security forces, but he stand by his decision to leave.  Mike Bower reports.

As far as next steps from the front lines, the Taliban is offering amnesty now that it has control of Afghanistan again. 

The Islamist group saying they want to keep things calm in the capital city of Kabul, where evacuation flights are continuing today.  It plans to wait until foreign forces have left before creating a new government. Taliban fighters have been ordered not to enter people’s homes or to seize their property and assets.

When it comes to the local connection,  Afghan refugees may soon be housed on Fort Bliss and areas closer to us. 

A Fox News report yesterday cites Department of Defense spokesperson John Kirby who says up to 30-thousand Afghan applicants for Special Immigrant Visas could be housed on the Texas base and on Fort McCoy east of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  The Afghan applicants include interpreters and translators.

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