Voicing Vaccine Opinions

Voicing Vaccine Opinions

If you saw the signs and people in front of HSHS Sacred Heart, they were back out on the sidewalk making their voices heard.

A crowd of nurses and others yesterday protested a possible vaccine mandate at the hospital. HSHS says it is strongly encouraging everyone at Sacred Heart and St. Joe’s in Chippewa Falls to get the shot, but they are not yet requiring it. The nurses say they want to be able to choose their healthcare decisions and not have something forced upon them.

Certain events are now announcing procedure changes as they prepare for crowds. That includes the Blue Ox Music Festival. It is now on the list of places requiring proof of the coronavirus vaccine.

Festival organizers yesterday said people will either need to provide proof they’ve gotten the shot, or provide a negative coronavirus test in order to get in. The Blue Ox opens next week here in Eau Claire.

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