WI Aligns With CDC, Johnson Speaks Out Against Masks in Schools

WI Aligns With CDC, Johnson Speaks Out Against Masks in Schools

There’s a good chance kids in Wisconsin schools will be wearing masks when they return to the classroom this fall.

The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday said it fully supports the new CDC recommendations that all kids and teachers wear masks at school, even if they’ve been vaccinated. Local school districts will make the final decision, and many schools are recommending masks for all kids. DHS says the new mask guidelines are in-line with the CDC’s advice on controlling the Delta variant. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM WI DHS.

We will show you different sides so you can decide, and not everyone agrees.

Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. Senator is questioning why the CDC is once again telling schools to force little kids to wear face masks.

Senator Ron Johnson on Tuesday questioned whether masks are doing more harm than good for kids under 12.


Johnson says young children have a low risk of death or serious illness from the coronavirus. Johnson says the new goal for masks seems to be to stop anyone from ever getting the virus, but that’s not possible. Johnson has been one of the most vocal critics of the CDC’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and the CDC’s frequent changes in advice or guidance.

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