EC School Opening Doors, Filling Positions

EC School Opening Doors, Filling Positions

Eau Claire’s superintendent expects a lot of parents and kids to be excited about returning to in-person classes this fall.

Superintendent Michael Johnson yesterday said school leaders decided to have a normal school year after hearing from parents, teachers, and students. He says a lot of people want to get back to the way things were before the coronavirus. Eau Claire schools are planning for a full, five-day-per-week, in-person schedule in the fall. Johnson says face masks will be optional.

When it comes to retuning however, they need more people before the hallways fill up!

They’re hiring at Eau Claire schools. The district yesterday said it has about 80 open jobs. Most of them, about 50, are for things like secretaries, cooks, cleaning crews, and Special Ed assistants. Eau Claire says it needs about 30 teachers as well. HR director Kay Marks says everybody is hiring right now, but she hopes the perks of working for the school district is enough to get people to sign-up. CLICK HERE FOR MORE JOB INFORMATION.

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