Looking Ahead to Back to School Rules

Looking Ahead to Back to School Rules

Most kids in Eau Claire schools will be back for in-person classes, but a growing number of families are looking to stay online-only.

Eau Claire Virtual School Principal Laura Schlichting says they have about 80 kids enrolled in the virtual school right now, and she expects that number to go up. Schlichting says some kids did well with online classes, and some families think it’s the best fit for their children. Chippewa Falls also has a virtual option, but it only has about 55 kids enrolled for the fall.

Public health and public school managers in the state are telling schools to follow the CDC recommendations on masks, but only if they want to.

Both the Department of Health Services and the Department of Public Instruction this week said they are telling local schools to follow the CDC guidelines on masks.

The CDC last week said vaccinated kids and vaccinated teachers do not have to wear masks in the classroom this fall. But DPI says because local schools make their own decisions in Wisconsin, local schools are free to ignore the CDC recommendations if they’d like.

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