Viking Chess Back in the City of Clear Water

Viking Chess Back in the City of Clear Water

Eau Claire will host the 14th annual Kubb National Championships this weekend, July 9-11, at the Eau Claire Soccer Park. This year’s event boasts 122 teams and over 400 players from many different states from around the country including California, Texas, and New Mexico.

“Eau Claire has been home to the U.S National Kubb Championship since it started in 2007. The Championship is the major destination for all skill levels of Kubb players and is the household name in the Kubb community worldwide,” said Eric Anderson, Director of the U.S National Kubb Championship.

For those who have never heard of Kubb or played the game, it is best described as “Viking Chess” and requires skill, aim, and strategy. You can find a quick review of the game and rules here. The event is free to spectators, with the games being held at Eau Claire Soccer Park on the corner of Hamilton Ave. and Craig Rd. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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