Train Tragedy in Taylor Co.

Train Tragedy in Taylor Co.

A tragedy in Taylor County leaves a family without their child.

Taylor County Sheriffs’ Office received a phone call reporting a train had struck a pedestrian In the village of Lublin , Taylor County. Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputies along with Gilman Fire Department, Thorp Fire Department, Gilman Ambulance and Medevac were dispatched. Once emergency responders arrived on scene they reported finding a two year old child had been struck by the train and was deceased.

Preliminary investigative findings indicate the two year old victim appears to have been unattended at the time of the accident. The Canadian National Railroad train was traveling southbound through the village of Lublin. The train conductor noticed the two year old child running on the side of the tracks momements before impact and attempted to stop the train.  The train was unable to stop and struck the child causing death to the two year old.

This incident is actively being investigated at this time, therefore names are being withheld pending family notification and ongoing investigation.

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