High Bridge Gets Low Grades

High Bridge Gets Low Grades

No one is being allowed on or even near the High Bridge in Eau Claire.

The historic High Bridge, which serves as a scenic pedestrian trail crossing over the Chippewa River, will be closed
until further notice in order to address a significant structural issue.

The High Bridge was initially closed to the public on Monday, June 21, in order to repair a section of railing that
was damaged by fallen tree limbs. Meanwhile, a heave had been observed in the bridge deck caused by a crack
in one of the piers that supports the bridge. This week an outside Engineer examined the structure and
recommended further investigation and repair before re-opening to the public. Since that examination, additional
changes in the condition of the bridge have occurred, making this a more urgent situation. Additional fencing and
water barriers are being installed to keep boaters, pedestrians, and bicyclists away from the structure for their

Every effort will be made to conserve this important piece of Eau Claire history, but the 140-year-old limestone
and the nature of the bridge’s construction could mean some changes to the bridge. The High Bridge played an
important part in the development of the area when it was first built and continues to play an important part of
people’s leisure, health, and transportation plans today.

Eau Claire has recently become known as the City of Bridges and the City places great value on them. Our bridges
are inspected regularly per State regulation, and no indication of structural heaving or damage was noted at this
location upon inspection of the bridge in November of 2020.

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