WI Woman Charged in Poisoning Case

WI Woman Charged in Poisoning Case

What was originally thought to be a drug-related suicide is now being called a poisoning.

Prosecutors in Waukesha County yesterday filed homicide charges against 37-year-old Jessy Kurczewski for the death of her friend, back in 2018. The medical examiner at the time said the dead woman had an extremely high level of the chemical found in eyedrops in her blood, far too much to simply have overused the drops. Investigators say Kurczewski initially denied having anything to do with her friend’s death, but later admitted to giving her a water bottle with six Visine bottles poured into it.

Prosecutors also say Kurczewski stole 290 thousand-dollars from or on her friend’s name. Kurczewski is looking at a million-dollars bond. She was in court for the first time yesterday.

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