Eagle Center Soars Again

Eagle Center Soars Again

Following the recent recommendations from the CDC and announcement by Governor Walz outlining the scaling back of Covid-19 restrictions in Minnesota, the National Eagle Center is pleased to announce that it will no longer require masks or pre-registration by visitors beginning May 28 – the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. It is also expanding its schedule to a six-day week.

“We’re very excited to be returning to business as usual,” said Ed Hahn, Marketing Manager at the Center. “The past 13 months have required a lot of adaptation and understanding from visitors and staff alike. Now we’re just looking forward to getting back to a sense of normalcy, especially during the busy summer tourist season.”

Throughout the pandemic, the National Eagle Center has been open to visitors with some major changes to safely comply with public health mandates from the State, including pre-registration and a 90-minute time limit. Beginning May 28, walk-in visitors will again be allowed without any capacity or time restrictions Tuesday through Sunday each week.

The Center respects the choice of guests to wear masks if they choose for their own health and wellness. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM THE EAGLE CENTER

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