House Panel Looks Into U.S. Cyber Capabilities

House Panel Looks Into U.S. Cyber Capabilities

A House panel is looking into U.S. cyber capabilities.  Rhode Island Democrat James Langevin opened a hearing and said adversaries have not stopped trying to disrupt American cyber networks during the COVID pandemic.

He stressed that cybersecurity is especially important in the Defense Department.  Langevin chairs a House armed services subcommittee.  Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher cited the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, which is thought to have originated in Russia.  He said the cybersecurity infrastructure in the U.S. must be strengthened. 

Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Mieke Eoyang [[ MEE-kah OH-yang ]] noted cyber threats from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea and malicious “non-state actors” around the world.  NSA Director Paul Nakasone [[ nah-kah-SO-nee ]] said, “Cybersecurity is national security.”  He argued it must be a “whole-of-government” effort.

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Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher talked about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.

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